Business Credit Reporting

Through our strategic alliance with Credit2B, we can provide you with access to up to the minute Business Credit Reports including the most extensive industry trade data in the market. so you will feel more confident when making business decisions. A Business Credit Report can provide you with information and monitoring to minimize business risk and reduce bad debt exposure.

This offers a cloud-based platform that combines third party credit information with what we call the Intelligence of the Community™, that is a network of the thousands of leading credit professionals and credit grantors that have a common interest in accessing better credit information about their trading partners.
Our mission is to provide our clients better, timely, more relevant and highly accessible credit information at incredibly affordable prices. We do this through a compelling solution that leverages the power of peer network intelligence, quality bureau data, and advanced computer analytics to create an unparalleled experience (How it Works for more information).

Whatever your B2B credit intelligence needs are, we can cover you.

Less Risk. More Reward. Instantly verify business information that helps you make better credit decisions.
Trusted. Because it’s verified. Data is gathered from a variety of sources to ensure you are getting solid real-time information.

  • Extensive industry trade data (your industry)
  • Excellent credit bureau data
  • Business firmographics, history, etc. on over 25 million businesses
  • Public filings, bankruptcies, liens and judgments
  • Risk and payment scores
  • Instant peer networking within your industry

Please contact us with any questions you may have on CREDIT2B Business Credit Reports.