Uniform Collection Services

Terms of Agreement

  1. This Agreement becomes effective upon the earlier of Creditor’s placing of accounts (“Accounts”) for collection, or by other written agreement with Leib Solutions LLC (“Agency”), including by email, digital, or click-through account submission on the Agency website.
  2. Unless otherwise confirmed by the Agency via email, the Creditor shall pay the Agency a 25% commission (35% if attorney service is required) on monies received at the Agency or by the Creditor for accounts up to 450 days. If older, there is a surcharge of 7%. If previously handled by another collection agency, there is a surcharge of 15%.
  3. If payments are received by the Creditor instead of the Agency, the Creditor shall advise the Agency of such receipt immediately and will pay the Agency its commissions and amounts due within fifteen days of payment receipt.
  4. If the Creditor accepts merchandise returns or other value in lieu of cash payment, the Agency commission will be based on fifty percent of the debt forgiven.
  5. The Accounts are business debts, not consumer,  and the Creditor is unaware of disputes that would render debts invalid and shall provide any support documentation and verification upon request.
  6. Agency may endorse, in the name of the Creditor, checks or other instruments received in payment of Accounts, to hold such funds in trust for clearance, and to deduct any Agency and attorney charges owed from the remittance to the Creditor.
  7. In the absence of contrary specific instructions, on Accounts where the Agency determines such action is necessary, it is authorized to select attorneys and to correspond with them, channeling information, reports, etc., on behalf of the Creditor. The Creditor and the attorneys may always communicate directly as they are the Creditor’s attorneys, not the Agency’s. The Agency is not responsible for any acts or failure to act of such attorneys. The Creditor shall be responsible for attorney fees, suit fees, court costs, or any attorney fees that have been agreed upon.
  8. Accounts can be suspended or withdrawn upon receipt of the Creditor‘s notice by email, provided that if the Creditor has received direct payment from the debtor, or if the Agency expects collection activities underway will be wholly or partially successful, Agency is entitled to immediate compensation as if the file(s) were collected.
  9. The Agency reserves the right to refuse to perform a service or to terminate an ongoing service if the Creditor fails to support the Agency’s efforts, or if the services are determined to be commercially unfeasible.
  10. The Agency is based in the State of New Jersey, USA, and all questions with respect to the construction of this Agreement and the rights and liabilities of the parties shall be construed in accordance with the substantive law of the State of New Jersey, without regard to conflict of laws principles. The venue for any action arising from the subject matter hereof shall be in any court of competent jurisdiction in Mercer County, New Jersey. In the event of legal action, both parties waive trial by jury. 

For more information, please get in touch with info@leibsolutions.com

Updated 10-01-23