Professional Collection Services

Lawyers, consultants, and CPAs can actually increase their revenues by collecting their old receivables? Clients who have not paid or have a dispute will send new business to your competitors, to avoid the embarrassment of dealing with the issue. As a professional services collections agency with a history of effective accounts receivable management services, we are the solution.

With a collective of 100 years of experience serving as a first-party and third-party collections agency for the most important customer relationships, we provide unique solutions for both law firms and accountants. We understand that managing and collecting past-due debts is not a cookie-cutter task, which is why we employ flexible, cutting-edge processes and industry-leading agents to address each client’s unique needs.

CashFlow Pros supports law and accounting firm cash flow needs and work to accelerate cash flow and prevent write-offs, on an hourly or contractual basis. These legal CashFlow Pros have executive-level corporate or banking experience and can perform revenue cycle and collection consulting to revamp processes and improve in-house cash flow and receivables results.

Both legal and accounting firms require a high-level, professional approach for collecting receivables for critical cash flow while maintaining (we would even say “improving”) client relationships. As a trusted CPA collections agency, Leib Solutions can help accelerate cash flow for professional services firms and solve problems for busy partners, whether you need first-party collections assistance or past due receivable management services.

Yet another benefit is our proprietary Carixa™ technology. This system is internet accessible and assures that nothing falls through the cracks while tracking all client service issues and disputes.

Advantages of Leib Collections Pros

Using advanced collection systems reporting and innovative accounts receivable collection techniques, we can improve cash flow for both large and small business debt collection.

  • Accelerate your cash flow; assure cash is received when needed.
  • Reduce write-offs
  • Improve client retention by discovering and solving problems.
  • Increase business — If they owe you money, they take their new business to competitors
  • Avoid borrowing.
  • Partners can focus on billable work, rather than chasing old bills.

Collecting your money is an essential piece to your business, and utilizing an experienced collections agency to help manage your firm’s collections can reduce your write-offs and help grow your business considerably.

The Client Service Approach at Leib

It is important to note that some clients have not paid simply because they need more follow-up, while others may have misunderstandings in the work agreement. The approach that our professional services collections agency uses for both domestic and international collections is to uncover the reasons for non-payment and, working with the partners, solve them. Sometimes it is a need for more documentation, an adjustment, or dissatisfaction that can be addressed if it is uncovered.

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