Did you know you can actually increase your new business by collecting your old receivables? It’s true: clients who have not paid or have a dispute will send new business to competitors, to avoid the embarrassment of dealing with the issue. We are the solution.

With a collective 100 years of experience managing receivables for the most important customer relationships, we provide unique solutions for both law firms and corporations.

CASH-FLOW PROS supports law and accounting firm cash flow needs and work at your offices (or ours) to accelerate cash flow and prevent write-offs, on an hourly or contract basis. Legal CreditPros have executive-level corporate or banking experience

Revenue Cycle and Collection Consulting  to revamp processes to improve in-house cash flow and receivables results

We accelerate cash flow and solve problems for busy partners. Law firms and accounting firms need a high-level, professional approach for collecting receivables for critical cash flow while maintaining (we would even say “improving”) client relationships.

SaaS Software.A further benefit is our proprietary Carixa™ technology: this system is internet accessible and assures that nothing falls through the cracks while tracking all client service issues and disputes.


  • Accelerate your cash flow; assure cash is received when needed.
  • Reduce write-offs
  • Improve client retention by discovering and solving the problems.
  • Increase business – If they owe you money, they take new business to competitors.
  • Avoid borrowing.
  • Partners can focus on billable work, rather than chasing old bills.

Client Service Approach

Important to note. Some clients have not paid simply because they need more follow-up. Others may have misunderstandings, and our approach is to uncover the reasons for non-payment and, working with the partners, solve them. Sometimes it is a need for more documentation, or an adjustment, or a dissatisfaction that can be addressed if it is uncovered. Put Cash-Flow Pros to work now, for great impact before year-end.