Third-Party Collection Agency

Choosing the right third-party collection agency to represent your business is an important decision. With 35 years’ experience, the team at Leib provides a comprehensive set of third-party collection services that will give you results that most others cannot.

Our team of skilled and hard-working agents is committed to serving our clients with the highest standards. Using state-of-art technology, our expert professional staff helps to maximize the recovery for our clients, allowing them to focus on their primary source of business, rather than managing past due debts. As a third-party collection agency, we focus on maintaining positive customer relationships while resolving the collection issues that prevent payment.

Our Third-Party Debt Collection Solutions

At Leib, we develop client-specific strategies, and our systems then drive the collection process so all collection actions are optimized and nothing is ever overlooked. Our systems monitor all activity for compliance, training, and quality of results, as is always the case with our Accounts Receivable Management Services.

Our third-party collections agency representatives are senior collection professionals, and are members of The International Association of Commercial Collectors. This includes our “First-Call Letter Service,” a great way to attack your past dues for early resolution.

In the event that a collection is in jeopardy of turning into a bad debt, we have a network of collection law firms both in the U.S. and globally, comprised of over 300 law firms that are available to our clients.

We Understand The A/R Lifecycle

As a proven third-party debt collection agency, we understand the A/R Collection Lifecycle. Whether you need assistance with an account or an entire portfolio, our team combines expertise, information, and state-of-the-art technologies to achieve superior results. Our agents can assist you at any point of the Accounts Receivable Lifecycle. Our team of collection professionals is led by industry veterans with comprehensive experience in the field, and our team of Special Agents is available for the most complex cases.

Our collection process delivers best-in-class results.

  • 1

    On the day of receipt, a manager reviews the claim and the debtor history. Then, they develop the strategy and assign it to a professional Recovery Agent.

  • 2

    The collection action initiates within 24 hours of receipt of the claim.

  • 3

    Accounts are then reviewed weekly, with a critical review happening at 30 days, escalating to Special Agents when required.

  • 4

    If legal action is necessary, we select counsel to represent you from our network of experienced attorneys.

  • 5

    We have an easy-to-use system for online reporting and updates.

Leib Solutions is an A.M. Best rated “Expert Service Provider” and has been for ten years straight. We’re one of a select few firms in the world with this designation. Our experienced staff and our Accelerated Collection Strategy ensure you will receive the highest “net-back” in the industry.

Leib is a full-service Collection Agency serving United States, Canada, and countries throughout the world. We serve as one of the industry’s leading third-party collections agencies and can also act as a First-Party Collection Agency as well.

Please contact us today for all of your accounts receivable collection needs.