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Choosing the right collection service to represent your business is an important decision. With 30 years experience, LEIB offers a comprehensive set of collection agency services that will give you leverage and results that more limited collection agencies can not.

With the help of our experienced commercial professionals, LEIB Solutions has become one of the leading collection firms in North America. We are committed to high standards, state-of-art technology, and expert staff enabling us to maximize recovery and increase your revenue by freeing up your internal resources and allowing you to focus on your primary source of business.

In all of our collection services, we focus on what we call our “No Noise” approach; that is, maintaining and/or strengthening the relationship between your client and your company while working to resolve the collection issues that exists between the two parties. Below are descriptions of some specific collection services we provide.

LEIB is an AM Best listed “Expert Service Provider”, one of just a couple of firms in the world with this designation.

Strategy-Based Collections –When setting up a new client, we develop specific custom strategies, and our systems then drive the collection process, so all collection actions are optimized, and nothing is ever overlooked. Our systems monitor all activity for compliance, training and quality of results.

First Party Collections- Outsourcing: We offer “first party” collection outsourcing whereby we collect your receivables as an extension of your staff, with our collaborative Carixa SaaS technology that keeps your systems updated, you in the loop at all times.

Third Party Collection Agency – Our third party collections agency representatives are senior collection professionals, trained by us constantly, and are members of The International Association of Commercial Collectors. This includes our “First-Call Letter Service”, a great way to attack your past dues for early resolution.

Deductions, Disputes – LEIB offers comprehensive recovery services for disputed receivables to avoid turning a problem into a revenue and profit loss, with experts that understand the commercial dispute process.

Attorneys: In the event that a collection issue is in jeopardy of turning into a bad debt, we will utilize the service of collection attorneys. We have a network of collection law firms in the U.S. and globally, with over 300 law firms available to handle for our clients.

Business Credit Reports: We provide access to Credit2B credit reporting and scoring on over 35 Million companies, plus foreign enterprises. These reports will allow you to quickly and safely obtain credit and business information on 15.5 million U.S & Canadian companies through our strategic alliance with.

We Understand the A/R Lifecycle

We understand the AR Collection Lifecycle, and whether you assign an account or an entire portfolio, we combine expertise, information, and state of the art technology to deliver superior results. We can assist you at any stage of the Accounts Receivable Lifecycle.

1. Clout. The Smyyth companies, of which Leib is a member, include Credit2B, a national trade credit ratings agency, which provides the debtor a strong incentive to pay their account.

2. Insight. Our Accelerated Collection Strategy™ (ACS) empowers our collection staff with business credit information from Credit2B data on 35 million businesses, and 700 million payment histories. Other agencies rarely know more than the telephone number.

3. Action. Our collection professionals are led by industry veterans with comprehensive experience in the field. Special Agents are available for complex cases.

Our collection process delivers best-in-class results.

  • The day of receipt, a manager reviews the claim, the Credit2B credit information, payment history; then develops the strategy, and assigns it to a professional Recovery Agent
  • The Recovery Agent has access to the debtor’s situation, i.e., owners, judgments, liens, credit cards, and payment habits.
  • Collection action initiates within 24 hours of receipt of the claim.
  • Accounts are reviewed weekly, with a critical review at 30 days, and escalated to Special Agents when required.
  • If legal action is required, we select counsel for you from a experienced attorney network.
  • We have an easy-to-use system for online reporting and updates.

Our experienced staff and our Accelerated Collection Strategy ensures you will receive the highest “net-back” in the industry.

Net-Back : It’s not how much you pay, it’s how much you collect.
41 Fortune 500 Companies 50 Law Firms throughout the world
300+ Insurance Carriers 25+ CPA Firms and their Global Networks
3 of the Top 6 Life Insurance Carriers Currently represents and has maintained a 10 year relationship with the largest
Top 5 Third Party Administrators 10 of the Top 15 Premium Finance Companies Consulting Firm in the world

LEIB is a full service Collection Agency serving United States, Canada, and countries throughout the world. Please contact us with all of your collection agency needs.