First Party Collections- Outsourcing

We are an A.M. Best rated “Expert Service Provider” for ten years straight, one of just a couple of firms in the world with this designation.

We offer “first party” collection outsourcing whereby we collect your receivables as an extension of your staff, with our collaborative Carixa SaaS technology that keeps your systems updated, and you in the loop at all times.

We employ a professional, customer-service approach, and treat your customers as like they were our customers, but always keeping in mind that our objective is to improve and maintain your cash flow and prevent bad debts.

When a customer turns into a “debtor” – refuses to pay after all reasonable efforts, they can be seamlessly transferred to Third Party Services and dealt with firmly and with collection agency urgency.

Choosing the right collection service to represent your business is an important decision. With 35 years of experience, LEIB offers a comprehensive set of collection services that will deliver great cash flow and collection results.

We are committed to high standards, have the state-of-art technology, and expert staff enabling us to maximize recovery and increase your revenue. We free up your own resources to focus on your primary business.

In all of our collection services, we focus on maintaining the relationship with customers while working to resolve the collection issues that exists between the two parties.

Strategy-Based Collections. We develop client and industry-specific operating strategies, and our systems then drive the collection process, so all collection actions are optimized, and nothing is ever overlooked. Our systems monitor all activity for compliance, training, and quality of results.

We are a full-service Collection Agency serving the United States, Canada, and countries throughout the world. Please contact us with all of your accounts receivable collection needs.