First Party vs Third Party Collections Defined

The difference between first-party and third-party collections lies in the approach used when contacting customers. In first-party collections, the collection agency or outsourcing company contacts customers using the client's name, employing a customer service approach. Meanwhile, in third-party collections, the agency contacts customers using its name and employs assertive, yet professional, tactics aimed at collecting the receivable before it turns into bad debt.

It's common for some customers to pay their accounts late, and effective collection efforts are necessary to maintain a healthy cash flow. However, managing slow-pay account AR collections on your own can be a burden and take away from time better spent on current receivables.

At Leib Solutions, we offer both first-party and third-party collection services for your company. Our advanced Carixa SaaS technology allows us to act as an extension of your staff, collaborate with your team, and help you collect your receivables. We understand that first-party collections management can prevent loss while maintaining healthy relationships with your clients, while third-party collections  is the final step to prevent bad debts.

We can improve your cash flow and delinquencies quickly

Dedicated Collection Teams

We're accounts receivable and collection professionals, not a robocall operation. 100% US operations.

Advanced Automation

Our collection systems use AI and RPA to drive the process, leaving nothing overlooked. You have online visibility in all activities.

30 Day Results

We guarantee you'll see better cash flow in the first month. Our aim is to deliver sustainable improvements in cash flow and collections.

Carixa A/R Management

Carixa will provide an automated online AR system for you, integrated with your financials.

Quick Implementation

Whether a cash flow cure project or long-term outsource, we can have you running in a couple of weeks.


Your company identity is used for customer relations and remittances.

Services Can Be Exanded to Full Accounts Receivable Outsourcing

Because we are one of the Smyyth companies,  we have the technology and the capacity to handle complete outsourcing including credit, collections, cash application, deduction, and dispute management.

The Importance of Early Intervention

Early, consistent, and aggressive collection action is critical to preventing losses and maintaining healthy cash flow. At Leib Solutions, we understand the value and importance of early intervention when dealing with overdue accounts to avoid  “customers” from turning into  “debtors” and then rolling into third-party collection agency services, which is a core service offered at Leib Solutions. By focusing on early intervention first-party collections, we can help you avoid bad debts and retain the connection you have with your customers.

Age works against you. It is imperative that receivables get timely attention, as they lose value over time.

A Trusted Agency

For more than a decade, we’ve been proud to be an A.M. Best “Expert Service Provider,” and one of only a few firms in the entire world that enjoy this designation. A.M. Best is the premier rating agency with global recognition and is a trusted source of data and information throughout the industry. We’re honored to have this distinction.

Your Full-Service Collection Agency

At Leib Solutions, we offer full-service collection management throughout the entire world, including the United States and Canada.

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