International Collections and Recovery Services

It’s no secret how many resources can be wasted on collecting debts that have gone delinquent. Not only can this be a hassle and a waste of precious time, money, and energy, but it can also cause significant cash flow issues for your company. And that’s just in a domestic setting.

With international collections, this process can become infinitely more complicated. Attempting to collect debts from other countries brings an entirely new set of challenges and other issues, and without an experienced agency to help with these processes, you will likely struggle to collect your overseas debts.

While we do perform the majority of our collection services for North American creditors and debtors, Leib Solutions also features an international collections practice through our global network of attorneys and collection partners. So, regardless of whether your debtor is in Asia, the UK, Europe, South America, or Africa, we can get you the results you need to help you maintain a healthy cash flow.

Meeting the Unique Challenges of International Debt Collection

Distinct Rules and Regulations

At Leib Solutions, we’re more than just a globally-trusted first and third party collection agency. We also understand the need for overcoming differences when collecting debts. For instance, each foreign country has their own distinct sets of rules and regulations when it comes to debt collection. It’s essential to strictly adhere to any local laws, and with a trusted agency like Leib Solutions, we can help to ensure full understanding and compliance with these laws.

Different Languages

It’s not just the rules, regulations, and laws that differ from country to country. It’s also very likely that an international debtor will speak a different language than you. This can not only result in a frustrating experience for both parties, but it typically makes the collection process much more complicated. Drawing from our global network of collection agencies, we can help you get your account settled, regardless of the country or languages spoken there.

This way, when you use our international debt collection services, you can be sure that it is handled with respect and integrity, regardless of the country, language, culture, or any other differences.

Comprehensive Coordination

In order to ensure the level of quality that you’ve come to expect from Leib Solutions, we’ve partnered with a network of industry professionals all across the world, and it’s all coordinated by our staff of experts in the United States, so you only need to worry about one point of contact. We feature an international network of qualified collection agencies by country, as well as a system of collection attorneys, all to ensure prompt and effective international debt collection.

Leib Solutions is committed to getting you results, both domestically and abroad. Our first party collections agency can help you maintain your company’s cash flow, saving you time, money, and adding to your bottom line.

For more information on our international collections, please contact us today.