Commercial Collections Services covers commercial debt collection in manufacturing, distribution, service businesses, transportation companies, finance, software and service providers, and professional service organizations.

Services include 1st and 3rd party debt collection, outsourcing, recovery of deductions and disputes, revenue cycle consulting, and audit billings. We also provide revenue cycle, invoice-to-cash consulting at reasonable rates to optimize the accounts receivable and collection process. We provide Commercial Collections to companies in all industries to improve their cash flow and reduce delinquencies and bad debts.

We can effectively handle the most challenging receivables and collection cases from any industry.

Commercial Debt Collection Services include

  • First-party Collections
  • Third-party collections
  • Attorney collections
  • Collection outsourcing

The LEIB advantage derives from our understanding of the nature of issues that may lead to disputes and non-payment between companies and their customers. LEIB specialists find ways to work with your debtors to collect your money and settle disputes.

Accounts Receivable Collection Projects

Whether a clean-up project or long-term solution to manage and resolve frozen, aged accumulations of accounts receivable or to take on the “overflow” that your staff is unable to handle, we have the staff and powerful collection systems with a custom collaborative workflow to interface with your systems, work queues (and staff)  to almost instantly offload the excess and overflow for quick cash flow and results.

If you replace billing or accounts receivable systems, you can face significant disruptions in collections and cash flow and risk substantial write-offs. We have both the technology and skills to get you through this challenge without incurring avoidable losses.

Industry Specialization Includes

Insurance CollectionsWe provide complete insurance premiums, audit premiums, deductibles, and subrogation collections for insurers with expert teams, with decades of experience.

Law Firm, CPA, and Consulting Collections –  We provide first and third-party debt collection services to law firms, legal services, accountants, and consultants that require an empathetic approach to their receivables.

Manufacturing and Distribution – Our Commercial Debt Collection Services extend to companies in the manufacturing and distribution business, providing fast action to prevent charge offs, and in doing so protect client profits.

Technology and SaaS Collections – We collect for SaaS, software, cloud computing, hardware, information technology services, including online services using clickthrough contracts.

Trucking Collections – We collect for Trucking, Express Delivery, Logistic companies, Ocean Freight, and Air Cargo companies to accelerate their cash flow, reduce delinquencies,  and avoid bad debts.

Banking Collections – Leib collects for banks, commercial lenders, and leasing companies. Our clients appreciate our financial collection knowledge and expertise along with our system compatibility.

Equipment Leasing Collections  – We collect commercial leasing and finance companies and understand the leasing industry, including residual values, monthly rentals, buyout options, and personal or corporate guarantees.

International Collections– We provide expert international collection services and have alliance partners worldwide for global debt collection coverage.

Environmental Collections, We have extensive experience working on environmental service fee collection issues.

Please contact us to learn more about our commercial collection services.