Leib has three decades of experience representing top companies to optimize commercial insurance premiums, deductibles, and subrogation claims recoveries. Using state-of-the-art technology and specialized recovery teams, we deliver the industry’s highest “net-back” returns. 

We are members of the National Association of Subrogation Professionals, IASA, and are recognized as an expert provider by A.M. Best.

What is Subrogation?

Subrogation is when the insurance company or self-insured party substitutes for the insured and assumes the legal right to pursue an individual or organization for an insurance loss. The way it works is that the insurer pays for the claim losses and then pursues the party that caused the damages to recover the money paid from the third party that caused the loss. Subrogation is a technique used by insurance companies to reclaim the money paid out for insurance claims. Three parties are involved: the policyholder, the insurance company, and the party responsible for the damages (or their insurance company). Your insurance policy will explain your insurer’s right to use subrogation and in what situations.

Here are a few simple examples:

  1. A car runs a red light and hits a truck, and the trucking company files a claim on its commercial auto insurance, and the insurance company pays the trucker for the damages. The trucker’s insurance company then uses subrogation to seek reimbursement from the car owner or his insurer by amicably settling or going to court on behalf of the trucker.
  2. If a third party’s negligence causes injury to a worker who then collects on Workers Compensation insurance, the insurance company can represent the injured worker in court to get back the money from the party at fault or their insurance company.
  3. Utilities are often self-insured and have high costs due to accidents that damage their property, and they have recourse to the responsible party, and their insurer, for the damage.
  4. Health plans and insurers pay medical costs and then use subrogation to shift these expenses to the appropriate third parties responsible for the incident.

What is a Waiver of Subrogation? Some business contracts, such as construction and leasing, may include a provision that waives the insurance carrier’s right to pursue subrogation. The insurance company may charge more for this kind of endorsement.

Subrogation Recovery

While subrogation collection is a fundamental part of the insurance process, many insurers lose substantial profits due to unpaid subrogation claims. Collecting these claims is not always easy but is necessary to avoid unnecessary profit leakage.

We have a proven subrogation collection recovery team that understands and employs the best practices for subrogation collection, recovering of these funds is not so much a risk as it is an investment. At Leib, we use proven systems of fund recovery to ensure our efforts increase your bottom line.

  • Closed File Reviews- Subrogation Cleanup
  • P& C Insurance
  • Workers Compensation
  • Construction
  • Auto-Transportation
  • Utilities Subrogation
  • Healthcare Plan Subrogation

Insurance Premium Collections

While insurance agencies are some of our most frequent clients for these recoveries, as a Third Party Collection Agency, we apply these services to a range of other commercial collections as well.

  • Bonds
  • Construction Liens
  • Unpaid premium losses
  • Property – Inland Marine
  • Commercial transactions


Benefits of Subrogation Recovery With Leib

  • Fast recovery of missed subrogation claims for higher profits
  • Reduce overhead and administration, as we provide a full service
  • The Leib “no-noise” approach is positive for client relations

At Leib, we make it a priority to handle all subrogation, deductibles, and earned insurance premium audit collections to the highest standards of professionalism and expertise. Click here to find out more about our Insurance Receivables Services

Our team works hard to pursue valid subrogation claims for your organization and do it quickly and diligently. We know that it is important for you to collect the money you are owed on a timely basis, which is why we keep you informed throughout the process.

If you have outstanding subrogation claims to which you are entitled, don’t simply chalk them up as losses. Contact North America’s most trusted and proven team of subrogation recovery agents today to discuss how you can take back the money you are owed.