Legal Collections Agency

While the great majority of accounts that we handle at Leib are resolved internally, either through our third or first-party collections, there will be cases that are impossible to resolve amicably. When this happens, with your permission, we will assign the case to an experienced and bonded independent collection attorney. As an experienced legal collections agency, we want to tell you not to undertake this action lightly, because the legal process is complex and time-consuming, and offers the debtor numerous ways to delay settlement.

Legal Collection Forwarding

After unsuccessful attorney efforts to resolve a case without litigation, once we and the collection attorneys have identified that we have a suit-worthy debtor, we will ask our client to provide court costs to commence the lawsuit with the filing of the complaint. Our collection agency will monitor the entire legal process from beginning to end in an effort to maximize the recovery and shorten the length of time in which that recovery process takes place.

A winning plaintiff receives a judgment in court, and a judgment creditor can use various means to collect the judgment. The judgment is good for a specified number of years (each state is different) and then may be renewed by a filed request. If the defendant-debtor files for bankruptcy, the judgment creditor will have priority (the right to share in assets) ahead of general creditors who are not secured by mortgages or deeds of trust and do not have judgments.

However, if the bankrupt has no assets, this becomes an empty advantage. Some defendants ignore judgments against them, and thereby force plaintiffs to employ writs of execution to enforce judgments. Our agency can handle legal collections from start to finish. We also work with professional service firms, such as lawyers and accountants, to assist with their own receivables.

Qualified, Experienced Attorneys

While we see great success in our internal professional debt collection, when it does not work and is unavoidable, an account can be forwarded to experienced outside collection attorneys for legal pursuit.

Our legal collections coordinators review attorney relationships both for results and quality assurance. We always try to use experienced, qualified attorneys who are also listed with the major “law lists” that also offer bonding protection.

The Leib Difference

The attorney forwarding and suit processes can be complex and are dependent on local laws requiring expert advice and representation. Leib Solutions has been an agency in the legal collection business for over 30 years and has the knowledge, experience and the expertise required to help bring your legal collection needs to a positive conclusion.

Please contact us with any questions you may have about our Legal Collection Services, or learn about our services as a third-party collection agency to help recover past-due debts before they turn into bad debts.