We offer two levels of Attorney Forwarding services. 

Attorney Express™ is a fast-action collection service for recalcitrant debtors when no amicable solution is expected, and no lawsuit contemplated due to the small size of the debt. Standard Attorney Forwarding, is used when the amount or circumstances are such that, if necessary, the creditor will support a lawsuit against the debtor.

Attorney Express

In order to have a successful collection outcome, it is important that there be no unnecessary delay in the collection process. In order to stay recognized and acknowledged we must keep our presence on the debtors ‘front burner’. If our ‘ final demand’ collector cannot arrange for payment, they will mention – verbally and/or in writing , that the debtors account will be placed with an attorney for further effort. We cannot say this unless we are actually prepared to do it. For the debtors that ignore this warning, the next contact they receive is from an attorney and now they know that  you mean business. It is at this time that counsel takes advantage of the the conversation and works on amicable resolution.

A Discount May Produce A Fast Resolution

The Attorney Express attorneys will require a settlement authorization. It’s important to note that up to this point, the debtor has not paid anything and chances are you may be writing off the entire debt. Experience indicates that advanced settlement authorization allows our law firm partners the ability to resolve delinquent accounts on the initial contact with the account debtors. Lawsuits are not mentioned in this exercise so it’s extremely important to work out a payment arrangement while the debtor is still on the phone. Settlements are used judiciously as everyone in the process is paid based on the amount collected. We continually monitor attorney results to assure that maximum recovery is attained.

 Standard Attorney Forwarding 

Once we and the attorneys have identified that we have a suit-worthy debtor, we will ask our client to provide court costs to commence the lawsuit  with the filing of the complaint.  We will monitor the entire process from beginning to end in an effort to maximize the recovery and shorten the length of time in which that recovery process takes place. A winning plaintiff receives a judgement in court.

A judgement creditor can use various means to collect the judgement. The judgement is good for a specified number of years ( each state is different) and then may be renewed by a filed request. If the defendant debtor files for bankruptcy, the judgement creditor will have priority ( the right to share in assets) ahead of general creditors who are not secured by mortgages or deeds of trust and do not have judgements.

However, if the bankrupt person has no assets, this becomes an empty advantage. Some defendants ignore judgements against them, and thereby force plaintiffs to employ writs of execution to enforce judgements.

Licensed, Bonded and Insured Attorneys

We always  seek to use  attorneys with a minimum $1M Professional Liability Policy. In addition,when ;possible they must  be Licensed and Bonded. All attorney forwarding relationships are reviewed quarterly for results and  quality assurance.   We draw on our list of attorneys through the two most prominent and reputable law lists in the U.S, including the American Lawyers Quarterly.

The LEIB Difference

As you can see, the attorney forwarding and suit processes can be complex and are dependent on local laws requiring expert advice and representation. LEIB Solutions has been in the collection business for 30 years and has knowledge, experience and the expertise required to bring your collection needs to a positive conclusion.

Please contact us with any questions you may have about our Legal Collection Services.