For creditors with a large number of customers, we offer a cost-effective collection letter process combined with optional “reminder” calls for the collection of accounts with smaller balances that are not yet seriously past due. This can be customized to fit your needs, as to the frequency and scheduling of calls or letters.

Collection Reminder Letter Program

We offer customized debt collection letters on your or on our letterhead, with accelerating payment requests depending on the age of the receivable and the number of reminders to create a sense of urgency for payment.

Timely follow-up is a key component of this process because the odds of collection diminish as time passes. LEIB’s collection letter writing service includes painless setup and implementation. Receiving a collection letter from LEIB creates a strong impression; it reinforces the importance the creditor business places on this debt and makes it clear to the debtor action is necessary on their part to resolve the debt.  All payments are directed to you to simplify bookkeeping and prevent delays in receiving cash.

Collection Reminder Soft Call Program

For the next stage, we offer a separate or combined with the Letter Program, a service that provides one or a series of reminder calls to the debtor to encourage amicable and fast payment of your account. The charge for this is a flat fee per account.

Professional Collection Rollover

As the next option for unresponsive debtors, you can automatically transition to intensive professional collector action after a predetermined number of letters or calls. This seamless transition, according to your rules and policies, will eliminate further work on your part, with Leib managing the account until paid.

Your Benefits: Immediate Action and Better Cash Flow

  • Reduce your costs
  • Speed up your cash flow
  • Reduce your bad debts
  • Save with reduced collection agency commissions
  • Streamline the entire collection process

Please contact us with any of your collection outsourcing needs. We can have you started within two days.