Frozen and At-Risk Revenues Solutions

Uncovering and solving at-risk or “frozen” revenues will deliver immediate benefit to your organization, and help insure its financial health. This is what we refer to as “revenue dilution”, and we find it is common in all organizations because of staffing, process or systems issues. Leib’s Revenue Cycle Consultants can help by identifying and then engaging with dedicated, focused effort to bring in fast cash flow, and cleaning up the old receivables.

Leib’s specialized Healthcare Revenue Cycle Solutions Division management has decades of experience in the industry and offers Collections, A/R management, BPO, and a Revenue Cycle Consulting and on-site Training that can improve your cash flow, reduce denials, zero payments and write-offs, and also improve customer service and compliance,

We manage the entire function for you, the problem receivables process, or just your aged accounts so you can attend to your real business without the worries about staff, systems, and cash flow. With increasingly complex regulations and technology, most providers need additional professional, expert resources to maintain optimum cash flow and profits.

We operate under your name as a transparent extension of your organization or as a third party, and provide modular or end-to-end services, all customized to meet your particular needs. In addition to excellent cash flow, we provide an outstanding customer experience. As far as communications with our clients, we offer secure electronic communications, data and reporting and can handle any format.

Accounts Receivable Systems Transformation

When you upgrade or replace billing, accounts receivable and accounting systems, you can face significant disruptions to operations, collections processes and cash flow, and also risk substantial write offs due to non-reconciled balances. We have both the technology and skills to get you through this challenge without incurring avoidable losses.

Projects and Outsource

Whether a clean-up project or long-term solution to manage and resolve frozen, aged accumulations of accounts receivable or to take on the “overflow” that your staff is unable to handle, we have the staff and powerful collection systems with custom collaborative workflow to interface with your systems, work queues (and staff) to almost instantly off load the excess and overflow for quick cash flow and results.
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