Your entire customer base can be monitored 365 days a year for public filings, including UCC Filings, Judgment, Liens and Bankruptcies so you can react quickly to reevaluate your credit exposures or even exercise your rights of reclamation to get your goods back or to make other arrangements to protect your company. The process is easy:

  1.  You upload your customer list monthly to our secure system.
  2.  Our system maps your data against all national bankruptcy filings and sends daily alerts.
  3.  Include your A/R balances by age bucket (optional, but 100% of our clients do), and we also alert you if customer payment habits worsen. We presently receive over 100 million up-to-date payment experiences from other industry companies.
  4.  All alerts are immediately emailed to you so that you can take action.
  5.  We also provide an online dashboard, including key performance metrics (KPIs)  showing how you are doing compared to other companies sharing the same customers. This tells you where you can focus efforts to improve cash flow operations.

You pay a small charge per customer for 365-day monitoring. Saving even one unnecessary small loss can pay for coverage for your entire customer base.


Note: Leib is one of the Smyyth family of companies.