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Accounts Receivable Modular Outsourcing and Cosourcing

Accounts Receivable Modular Outsourcing and Co-sourcing

Our expert account managers devise customized plans for clients and draw on industry best practices to quickly implement self-funding solutions ranging from projects to revenue cycle outsourcing and co-sourcing. Our modular co-sourcing business practice means you can choose our services to manage or cure a specific problem area, while you staff focuses on their priorities

Working with LEIB Solutions means not only cost savings on your collections activities, but faster collections, improved days-sales outstanding, and typically, higher recoveries, leading to improved working capital and profits through our highly discreet and professional approach.

Carixa SaaS Technology

Carixa™ is an exceptional solution for credit, collection, deduction, cash application and accounts receivable management that will optimize your cash flow and profits, and reduce overhead. Carixa’s APEX™(Actions, Processing, Escalation, and Execution) engines manage your operations according to your policies to provide you with the ultimate in automated credit and accounts receivable performance. Carixa Retriever™ offers web data and document fetching tools that will change the way you operate. Carixa is web based, with no software or hardware to purchase.Collections and cash flow dramatically accelerated

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