For 30 years, Leib Solutions has been a most trusted debt collection agency, specializing in handling both the routine collections and the most difficult and disputed debts, audit files, premium adjustments, and insurance premium collections. With an expert team of agents utilizing our cutting-edge processes, technology, and systems, we can help you manage these receivables and recover a higher rate of unpaid debts.

Leib has the knowledge, skill, and experience to handle your accounts with the integrity and diligence they deserve. Our collection specialists are experts in their industry segments and, as a result, achieve faster and more successful outcomes. Leib is a proven, acclaimed solution provider for improving accounts receivable performance. We deliver industry-high recovery rates and superb customer service for current and aged receivables, as well as audits, deductions, and disputes.

Self-Funding Solutions

As a seasoned debt collection agency, Leib offers a range of self-funding collection solutions for the healthcare industry. With an experienced and focused team of agents using powerful technology to optimize the collection process for maximum profits, Leib Solutions can assist in a variety of collection services for healthcare providers, insurers, and other organizations.

  • First Party Collections
  • Third-Party Bad Debt Services
  • Fixed Fee Programs
  • Audit Billings
  • Deductions-Disputes
  • Retroactive Adjustments

As both a first-party invoice collection outsourcing firm and a third-party collection agency, the results we deliver stem from immediate, consistent, and professional action on your receivables, enabled by superb technology. Using the industry’s best practices and a custom approach to each client’s unique situation, we can achieve unmatched profitability for companies in need of an effective healthcare debt collections agency.

We begin each project by surveying your needs and objectives to get a full understanding of your situation and determine the smartest course of action to pursue. A Senior Account Manager oversees and monitors your program to ensure we meet your goals and keeps you fully posted. At 30, 60, or 90 days — you decide at what point you want our services. Bringing us in early will produce the best net return.

Contact North America’s Trusted Collections Agency

When healthcare and insurance providers in North America need a reliable agency for debt collection, they contact Leib Solutions. With more than three decades of experience, our team has the expertise to handle all types of healthcare debt collections, including insurance premium collections and audit files.

As an agency, we handle a wide range of collection services, from healthcare debt recovery to accounts receivable management services. We help organizations evaluate their debt recovery options and determine the most profitable courses of action, which is how we’ve been able to become the leading agency in North America for business collection services.

Contact Leib Solutions today to discuss your healthcare debt collections needs with an agency that has proven effective time and time again. Our team is always ready and willing to discuss your unique situation in depth to find the sources of trouble and create effective solutions to increase cash flow and reduce bad debts.