For over 25 years, the LEIB Health Insurance Practice has provided expert health insurance recovery services, specializing in handling both the routine ands the most difficult and disputed premium and audit files.

LEIB has the knowledge, skill and experience to handle these accounts with integrity and diligence. Our collection specialists are experts in their industry segments and as a result achieve faster and

more successful outcomes. Leib Solutions is a proven, acclaimed solution provider for improving accounts receivable performance. We deliver industry-high recovery rates, and superb customer service for current and aged receivables, as well as audits, deductions and disputes.

Self-Funding Solutions
  • 1st Party Collection Services
  • 3rd Party Bad Debt Services
  • S.W.A.T. Projects
  • Fixed Fee Programs
  • Audit Billings
  • Deductions-Disputes
  • Retroactive Adjustments

The results we deliver stem from immediate, consistent and professional action on your receivables, enabled by superb technology.

We begin each project by surveying your needs and objectives. A Senior Account Manager oversees and monitors your program to ensure we meet your goals and keeps you fully posted. At 30, 60, or 90 days – you decide at what point you want our services. Bringing us in early will produce the best net return.