Leib Solutions is one of the pre-eminent, award-winning commercial collection agencies in the Philadelphia region, serving companies of all sizes with their past due receivables, and assuring that slow-paying accounts do not become bad debts. We have the capability to handle the entire accounts receivable collection function as a “first-party” outsource, or traditional “third party” collections performed with the extra clout of a collection agency.

When legal action is needed for debtors that will not cooperate even after the most professional collection action, we coordinate that for our clients as well.

Placing accounts with us is easy, either by email, our website form, spreadsheet, or computer to computer. We provide prompt reporting, and access through our website as well, so you always stay informed.

Although we are a national firm we have local roots in, and handle collections for many companies, in the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware region. Being in the Philadelphia market allows us to meet our local clients in person, either with on-site collection training courses, or consultation.

Give us a little information on the “Contact Us” form, and we’ll get back to you immediately.