Seafood Industry Credit and Collection Services


The seafood industry has unique credit and collection  issues, and Leib Solutions has the answers to assure your profits. In all businesses, aged receivables and disputes cause dilution of revenue and profit that can amount to more than the profits a typical company makes in one year. Depending on the business, this can be 5% or more of your revenues.

Whether you sell to big box stores or to independent retailers and distributors, and whether it is straightforward collection problems demanding a professional approach, or complex deductions for a myriad of reasons requiring analysis and negotiation, we are a one-stop solution.

We offer:

  • 1st Party (under you name) collection and deduction outsourcing
  • 3rd Party collection agency services for immediate demand and results
  • On-line credit reporting, globally
  • Full Accounts Receivable Services

Why hire Leib for seafood industry accounts receivable collections?

  • We have the experience and expertise
  • We are trusted, in business over 30 years, and nationally recognized
  • We understand commercial collections
  • You pay only for results

Please contact us for more information on these valuable services.