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LEIB Solutions is one of North America’s leading Commercial Collection agencies with more than 25 years of experience in Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) domestically and internationally. Our collection agency specialists are experts in their industry segments and as a result achieve faster and more successful outcomes. LEIB Solutions works on a contingency basis with most of our collection agency services. LEIB is committed to high standards, and state of the art technology enabling us to maximize recovery and increase your revenue. Due to fulfilling our promise to our clients, LEIB has become one of the leading collection agencies in North America.

Our Promise To You

Helping companies with their receivables while maintaining good relationships with customers is our mission. We quietly and professionally get the job done for you.

Fundamental to our commercial collection efforts is our guiding philosophy as a commercial collection agency, what we have termed the “No Noise” approach. That is, get superior results with a professional collection approach to minimize collection disputes and delays.

We demand our commercial collection professionals work every day to maintain  the relationship between their creditor client and the debtor company while working to resolve the commercial collection issues between two parties. Creditors trust LEIB Solutions based on our impressive track record.