Most companies – even the very largest – are still getting by with auto-cash that still requires off-line manual work for resolution of exceptions, duplicate entry of chargebacks, and inaccurate postings that create extra work.

With the unmatched power of the Carixa Cash Application Engine, you can today achieve a 100% correct auto cash, and look like a genius in the process. We meld your Lockbox, ACH, and EDI files and apply our perfect-match algorithms to deliver a 100% automated result against your accounts receivable data.

And best of all, we manage it for you.

A few important features.

  • Multi-variable matching on any datapoint
  • Tolerances by category, dollar amount and percentages
  • Match against open and closed transactions
  • Automatic chargeback and deduction generation
  • Deductions automatically added to resolution workflow
  • Easy to use configuration can be managed by users
  • And – no IT resources needed to implement